Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Maple Leaf Rag by Mike McConnell

Here's a video of me playing on my $50 crappy piano that I bought less than two months ago so I can be able to practice my ragtime and early jazz pieces with a full length keyboard for the first time in years (note: I had a shortened keyboard piano called the Melodigrand which was even worse than my current one). It has been too many years gone by where I didn't even play or practice my piano as much as I wanted to. Now, I am back into my piano playing by practicing 2 to 3 hours every day and the opportunity to learn new pieces such as a George Botsford's piece called "Black and White Rag" where I have almost memorized the whole piece. Just a need a few more weeks before I make my next video tape.

It has been less than two months of practicing so far just to get past my "rusty" stage first and allow time my dexterity and coordination to catch up. I'm still "rusty" but certainly much better when I first started. As you can tell in my Maple Leaf Rag piece I've missed a few notes and the tempo was not as smooth as I wanted it to be (that may be because it's very late at night and I was tired, too). You can hear the clacking noise while I play plus many of the notes are obviously out of tune. It's not so bad but I was playing it in my garage which makes the whole experience a little "echo-ey".

But here is where you can help! You can "donate" for a good cause. How?

As you may not know I am one of the very few hard of hearing or deaf musicians to play the piano, especially Ragtime. The problem is, ever try playing on a gawd awful piano? But you can help me get a better piano by purchasing some of my ragtime products at my Deaf Ragtime store and also help defray any costs for my upcoming Ragtime festival visits. One of the products available is a button seen at the top of this blog entry that says "I'd Rather Be Playing Ragtime!" Indeed. Wouldn't you rather be playing Ragtime?

You can visit my ragtime store at:


Ann_C said...

*tappin' my toes*

Not bad for only 2 months' practice, butterfingers!

Ever heard of Tommy Emanuel, the guitarist? I think you'd enjoy his music. PBS aired a televised recording of Emanuel's performance on Sierra Center Stage last year. This is a musician whom you need to see as well as hear, as he does tweak the boundaries of what one would expect as guitar music.

Wanna honky-tonk piano replete with candleholders and original ivories? Got one stored in the garage unused amongst crap up to the ceiling. *roll of eyes* Now if I can just get my packrat hubby to part with it, I'd give it to ya!

Mike McConnell said...

Well, I've been playing the piano ever since I was 7 years old and throughout my young adult life. It was just time to get down to business and get past the "rusty" stage of my practicing and get my fingers coordinated with my brain.

Mike McConnell said...

Do you have a picture of that piano? And where do you live? If on the east coast...forget it.

Too far...gas prices will kill me first.


Candy said...

Don't know how I missed this one.


Actually you play a lot better than I do! Awesome.

Prince Andrew and the Queen Mum said...

Dang! I asked Val for your blog-as I saw your bio but didn't know which blog was yours. (I blog on dv too.) anyway i am QUITE impresssed!!! I may include in our music study this fall (homeschooling) a bit of ragtime!

. said...

Thank you! Look for my latest piece, KK Ragtime.