Wednesday, July 29, 2009

KK Ragtime by Mike McConnell

This is an up and coming popular ragtime that was spurred on by a Ragtime master himself Tom Brier. Here I play slightly faster than what the Animal Crossing game character KK Slider would sing. And so I decided to throw in a bit of KK Slider's "wack wack" voice into my playing just for effect and have a bit of fun. Not perfect like Tom's nor KK Slider's voice but what the heck, I like this piece. A few blips here and there but essentially it went well.

Video's not smooth but at least the sound came through alright. I had to turn off my fan in my house, turn on my halogen light (hot!!), a house with no air conditioner, and we hit a record high of 106 degrees in the Vancouver-Portland area. I was already sweating by the time I hit the record button. And now I need a cold shower. Enjoy!

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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Humoresque of a Little Dog

Here's a ragtime piece played for the first time by the, what else, amazing Tom Brier.

If you like K.K. Ragtime you'll probably like this one. You can download the piano sheet music of this piece here.

Tom Brier sight reads a ragtime piece "Tuxedo Vegas"

Tom is one of those (extremely) rare gifted ragtime pianists that we all dreamed of being one and I couldn't help but feel feel that twinge of jealousy seeing him belt out a new piece, sight unseen and unheard, for the first time, "Tuxedo Vegas." Bravo to Tom on his well played piece!

Hattip: Keeper1st

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Black and White Rag

Here's a 1908 American ragtime piece by Botsford that I'm now playing. A few misses playing it on my Kohler and Campbell piano but that was my fault for playing it at 2 AM in the morning. But ah, but no work for me today and so I have an excuse. I'll play the piece again when I'm a bit more refreshed. Meanwhile, enjoy my playing the piano as one of the very, very few deaf/hh ragtime pianist around. Expect more videos of me playing ragtime or novelty old timey pieces in the very near future.