Friday, March 12, 2010

Weeping Willow

Here's my piano ragtime piece called "Weeping Willow," a Scott Joplin piece. Excuse the "clacking" sound you may hear. The piano also sounded a bit odd in a several pieces of this music because of the laptop camera microphone being too close to the wall that unnaturally amplied certain notes whic made the "clacking" noise. Next time I'll move it away from the wall for a more fuller sound, hopefully so. In this video, I was just basically messing around and I'll need to play a bit more smoother in some spots the next time since I was getting a feel of my new laptop and camera. But for now, just enjoy my piece.


Anonymous said...

It's ok (the music, not your playing). I'm not really into Ragtime but you do play pretty well. Smart putting music sheets all in a row, so you don't have to turn pages as you play.

I don't think I'll ever get back into playing again...not unless I come up with some extra $$ and buy a piano. I do miss playing somewhat, tho. I only have one music piece I can play without looking at the sheet. (obviously the first one I learned.) ;)


Mike said...

Thank you. This is a melodic piece of ragtime. There are several more I like to record and will do so as time permit. Actually, it's the timing when I have to wait til the kids go to bed so I can be alone on the piano.

Either you enjoy or like ragtime type of music or you don't care much. But usually there is something that people will like the sound of. It's probably much harder for hard of hearing people to really appreciate music of this type due to the syncopated nature of music.

Most are lively and even toe tappin type. Click on the links under "Tom Brier" on the right and listen to some of his pieces. He's a real gifted ragtime pianist.

Ann_C said...

I dunno where you get the hand coordination--I'm all thumbs except for when I'm typing at a keyboard. We have a piano (antique square grand)in the living room but nobody plays it. This 'un doesn't exactly have a honky-tonk sound. Hubby bought it thinking he could re-learn playing it again, but he's had way too many other projects, like remodeling this ol' house. Mebbee when he retires.

This one is a slower piece than most ragtime music I've heard. What was the first ragtime piece you played as a kid?

Anonymous said...

Finally got my audio to working so I could listen to this one. Love to hear your pieces.

Mike said...

Thanks, Mom. Watch out for more.

Mike said...

Ann C,

My first ragtime piece when I was a kid was The Entertainer, the simple version before graduating onto the original piece some years later.

Doug said...

Thanks for introducing me to this piece. Its the 5th rag I've learned and by far the prettiest, I think.

Ann made a good point about it being slow. In fact I think rags are in generally supposed to be played slower. Most are marked (quarter note = 72) or "Not Fast", and Joplin is often quoted as being frustrated with students who played his pieces too quickly. Rag time evokes a sense of peace, of having plenty of time, of an easy lifestyle, something easy to forget in the modern age.

Please post more rags!