Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Dis 'n' dat...

Practice, practice, practice....fun all the time! It is for me when it comes to learning a new ragtime or novelty rag piece like Black and White, Champagne Rag, Bag of Rags, A Breeze from Alabama, Top Liner Rag, Sensation Rag, and American Beauty Rag.

I just started on the American Beauty Rag last week. It's a tricky piece. It'll be awhile til I get around to really practicing it and get it down pat. I already practicing like 30 different pieces right now with more on the back burner as I go through these free, downloadable ragtime music sheets for my growing digital collection.

Champagne Rag is a nice surprise after playing it for a week or so. Plays nicely either slow or fast. I plan on memorizing this piece soon enough.

One of the best Joplin songs I love playing so far is A Breeze from Alabama. Almost completely memorized by now.

Black and White Rag? A cool one. Already memorized. There's a video of me playing it.

Kitten on the Keys is next on my list and I've been practicing off and on with this one. Tough one if played fast but delightful to listen to.

Of course, my plan is to play these pieces up on video soon enough someday.

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